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Vastu Tips During Construction and Remedies for Home Interiors

Posted on 10th September, 2014 by admin

According to vastu consultants, vastu remedies can be applied both at the time of construction as well as after the building is complete. There are very specific recommendations in vastu for health, and the major ones are listed below.

Vastu Tips During Construction 

 Staircases in the middle of the house results in bad health. Avoid placing staircases in this location.

 Gates in the southern direction always lead to health problems. Try to avoid gates in the south, or if it cannot be avoided make sure they are high and made of wood. 

 Vastu tips and recommendations for kitchen placement insist that the kitchen be placed in the Southeast direction.

Try to avoid growing trees in the north, east and north-east portion of the plot. 

Vastu Remedies for Home Interiors

For general good health, always keep your head in the south while sleeping. Sleeping with the head in the north is not advisable.

Try to avoid the northern direction for cooking and eating. East is considered the best direction for these activities to promote effective digestion and good health.

 While following vastu for health, keep a rubber or Tulasi plant, preferably in the north east.

 According to accepted vastu tips, pregnant women should avoid sleeping in the northeastern room to prevent miscarriage and abortion.

 To avoid brain and heart problems, avoid sleeping on beds made of metal.

 Lighting a lamp or candle in the northeastern direction daily promotes good health.

 Common vastu remedies require people not to perform any activity under the beam. Avoid sleeping and resting under dropped beams to prevent headaches and depression.

Do not place your bed in front of the mirror. This helps avoid bad .