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Wind Chimes are simply not decorative material

Posted on 6th September, 2014 by admin

Wind Chimes are simply not decorative material instead it can be used as a source of good and positive vibes in the offices and homes. While buying wind chimes one must look at the material it is made of and number of rods it consists. Some people are fond of gaining popularity in the society. They want people to obey them. if you are also one of this kind of people, then buy a wind chime made of ceramic having 2 or 9 rods and hang it in the south-west corner of the living room. To get promotion in job, hang yellow colored wind chimes in the north-west corner of the living rooms. In order to know how effective it is, you’ll have to wait till April or may. If wind chimes are made of bamboo, then it should contain 3-4 rods. By keeping them in house, the benefits of such wind chimes can be utilized to the fullest. This increases the positive vibes in the house. Truly speaking, it opens up the doors of luck.

Placement of wind chimes should be kept in mind, if it is hanged in the garden, it should be of bigger size. As smaller sized one will not be visible. IT is being observed that the wind chimes should purchased according to the elements present in that particular direction, then only it would be advantages. According to Feng-Shui south-east and eastern directions are related to trees and wood. That’s why, wind chimes made of wood are suggested to gain more benefit of it. If you are buying wind chimes made of brass or steel, then it should have 6-7 rods. It brings prosperity in the house. 5 wind chimes made out of 5 rods vanishes all the negative vibes from the house. In the clear words, it reduces all the negative vibes and increases the amount of positive vibes, which makes everything good and prosperous. Wind chimes made out of wood and bamboo gives decent looks. They should be hanged up in eastern and south-eastern direction. These are good for household purposes.