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Tips To Decor Your Bathroom With The Help Of Fengshui …

Posted on 23rd September, 2014 by admin

The truth is that there is no really good placement for a bathroom in Feng Shui, at least in part because that ancient Chinese system was developed before indoor plumbing! But there are some bathroom locations that are better (or worse) than others and these are important to know because your....

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Wind Chimes are simply not decorative material

Posted on 6th September, 2014 by admin

Wind Chimes are simply not decorative material instead it can be used as a source of good and positive vibes in the offices and homes. While buying wind chimes one must look at the material it is made of and number of rods it consists. Some people are fond of gaining popularity in the society. They....

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Vastu Tips During Construction and Remedies for Home Interiors

Posted on 10th September, 2014 by admin

According to vastu consultants, vastu remedies can be applied both at the time of construction as well as after the building is complete. There are very specific recommendations in vastu for health, and the major ones are listed below. Vastu Tips During Construction  ....

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Healing Power Of Nature

Posted on 2nd November, 2015 by admin

Nature doesn’t just have an effect on the mind. Roger S. Ulrich, PhD, director of the Center for Health Systems and Design at Texas A&M University, has found that nature can help the body heal, too. In his most well-known study, Ulrich investigated the effect that views from....

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